Writing on the beach

Three years ago, when we added a vacation in the tropics to our usual ski holidays, we found ourselves on the island of St. Kitts. I had never in my professional life taken a vacation of more than ten days, so my wife Sue and I wondered how I would handle two full weeks. I behaved myself for the first ten days: bodysurfing, playing golf, reading on the beach, swimming in the pool. Then came Day 10–and boom! Workaholic me suddenly showed up. I had to get to work. The photo shows me writing on the beach for the remainder of our holiday. We know better now and take vacations of ten days, maximum. Tomorrow, we leave for Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We’ll stay for only ten days, but I’m still bringing plenty of writing materials with me. Looking forward to getting back to working on Cowboy from Prague, while Ready, Fire, Aim! An Immigrant’s Tales of Entrepreneurial Terror is in final edit at my publisher.

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