As Prague: My Long Journey Home enters the production stage, endorsements are coming in from its early readers. Here are three:

“I enjoyed reading Charles Heller’s book Prague: My Long Journey Home. Having lived through the same times in occupied Czechoslovakia and later under Communists, coming to America 20 years after Dr. Heller, I understand and appreciate his experiences. His life is an example of tragedy, talent, enthusiasm, accomplishment and of never giving up. I was so impressed by the book that I invited Charles to present his life story at the Conference of the Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences (SVU) in New York in June 2011. Response of the audience was overwhelming. In fact, it was suggested to put it on the program of the 26th World Congress of SVU again in 2012. What a story!”

Karel Raška, Jr., M.D., Ph.D.
President, Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences (SVU), New Brunswick, NJ

“It is not enough to record history; we must invigorate it. If generations after us listen and learn from history and make the world better for having done so, it will be because we told good stories. Charles Heller, by vividly recounting the story of his life, provides a window to the Czech-American immigrant experience, and makes an important contribution to the body of literature that will capture the hearts and minds of the future.”
Gail Naughton
President/CEO, NationalCzech & SlovakMuseum & Library, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Prague: My Long Journey Home is an entertaining, compelling, and valuable complement to the several books I have read about Czech immigration to the U.S. It happened to a college classmate and professional colleague, not to someone’s grandparents. It puts a human face on the many stories of suffering, torture, and determination to seek freedom and succeed that had been ‘just on paper.’ Documentaries on Terezín, Lidice, Heydrich, and the aftermath of WW-II make the book even more valuable in telling ‘the rest of the story.’ ”
Bart Childs
Professor Emeritus, TexasA&MUniversity
College Station, Texas

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