I’ll be reading and signing at the American Center of the US Embassy in Prague on April 28

American Center’s announcement:

Prague: A Long Journey Home by Charles Ota Heller

Ota Karel Heller was a Czech boy whose misfortune it was to be born a Christian-Jewish hybrid three years before a war which claimed the lives of six million people with whom he shared a common bond – of which he was totally unaware. He managed to survive, but fifteen of the victims of Nazi murderers were members of his family. Four years later – after his country was taken over by the communists – Ota Karel Heller disappeared. He was resurrected by his parents as Charles Ota Heller in America, having left not only his identity, but also memories and scars, behind on the other side of the Atlantic. Or so he thought… After many years of success as an American entrepreneur and academic, of happy marriage and fatherhood, and of having gained a degree of national prominence, he was confronted with demons of his past. Two cataclysmic events caused him to question his denial of his ethnic roots. He has written a memoir, Prague: A Long Journey Home, about his adventures. The book has been translated into Czech and published in 2011 by Mladá fronta as Dlouhá cesta domu. Program will be in English. Thursday, April 28, from 6:30 PM.


  1. Phil Bundy on April 26, 2011 at 12:45 pm

    Awesome, wish I could be there… Good luck!

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